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FERROGRAD C - Iron & Vitamin C Tablets  - 30


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  • Iron & Vitamin C Tablets

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  • 30
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Ferrograd C
Iron + Vitamin C

For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia, and for the simultaneous treatment of Vitamin C deficiency.

The normal diet usually provides adequate iron for the average person. If the balance is disturbed by poor diet, a failure of absorption, or excessive loss (e.g. through menstruation) an iron deficient state develops.

Ferrograd C's prolonged release action means that one tablet a day allows release of the iron over several hours and reduces the likelihood of unpleasant side-effects such as stomach upset.

Ferrograd C also contains Vitamin C which enhances iron absorption.

Before taking Ferrograd C consult your doctor if :

*  You are pregnant as you may require a different iron supplement
*  You are diabetic as Ferrograd C may stop your urine sugar test sticks from working properly
*  Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) passes into breast milk, so ask your doctor's advice before breast feeding whilst taking Ferrograd C.

Caution :

Keep out of reach of children

Store in a dry place below 25°C
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