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VOLTAROL - Thermal Patches  - 2


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  • Thermal Patches

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Medical supervision not required for sale of this item.
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Thermal patch : Heat patch 2 patches

10 Hour effect.

Voltarol thermal patch effectively and naturally provides pain relief and deep muscle relaxation.

Do not use the voltarol thermal patch:

- On irritated, cracked or damaged skin.

- On children under the age of 12.

- On people who are unable to remove the patch themselves (e.g. the elderly, handicapped or disabled), unless supervised by a responsible adult.

- If the wearer is unable to remove the patch or to feel the heat of the patch : for example if you have areas on your body you cannot feel.

- If your perception may be impaired by e.g. sedative medicines, alcoholic drinks.

- On an injection site.

- Straight after an injury - heat may make welling or bruising worse.

- Over medicated products applied to the skin, or with any other sources of heat (such as infrared light).

- While bathing or showering.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor before using the patch if you:

- Have poor circulation, diabetes or arthritis or any other serious medical condition.

- Have skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, or have very sensitive skin.

- Are pregnant.

For your safety

- Do not cut, tear or damage the patch. Do not use the patch if it is torn or damaged.

- The patch contains iron powder, which could be harmful id ingested. Consult a doctor straight away is this happens.

- Is the skin or eyes come into contact with the powder, immediately rinse the affected area well and consult a doctor.

- Do not lie on the heat patch, even when in bed, or apply strong pressure during use.

- If the patch feels too hot or your skin becomes irritated (swelling, eruption or prolonged redness), remove the heat patch straight away.

- If the pain does not improve, contact your doctor.

- Keep out of reach of children and pets, both before and after use.

- Do not microwave or reheat the patch after use.

- Dispose of the patch in a waster bin.

- Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

- Store the patch in a cool dry place. Do not store it in the freezer.

The voltarol thermal patch effectively and naturally provides pain relief and deep muscle relaxation for muscle pain, back, neck and shoulder pains.

The voltarol thermal patch is applied directly to the skin on the site of your muscular pain. You feel the heat and relief instantly. The patch provides 10 hours of penetrating heat that works to unwind tight, aching muscles and increases circulation to help soothe pain away. Thin, discrete and designed to work on your body where it hurts, the patch helps you to get active again soon and take your mind away from pain

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