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OTOVENT - Glue Ear Treatment  -


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  • Glue Ear Treatment

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Medical supervision not required for sale of this item.
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Otovent opens the eustachian tube and allows the fluid that has collected in the middle ear to drain naturally down the back of the throat. The Otovent procedure can be performed at home under the supervision of parents. The treatment takes only a matter of seconds to perform, and is painless.

Otovent should be used 2-3 times daily for a period of 2-3 weeks. Otovent balloons should be changed every 3 days. After the full 2-3 weeks treatment, progress should be evaluated by your doctor.

All ENT doctors would recommend that your child undergoes a "watchful waiting" period during which it is possible that his or her condition may improve spontaneously.

However, during this "waiting" period further disruption can occur to a child's learning if hearing is impaired. In the interim, the Otovent treatment can supply your child with a temporary solution to the condition.

Otovent may provide the only treatment your child will need to alleviate the symptoms of Glue Ear.

Otovent should not be using during a cold, ear or throat infection.

If in doubt please consult your doctor.

Benefits include:

* High compliance
* Visually verifiable compliance
* Painless
* Frequent, regular treatments
* Effective without drugs
* May avoid / delay surgery
* Low treatment costs
* No known side-effects
* Early, satisfying results
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